Why sell on ARTEX GALLERY?

We know first-hand how difficult is for artists to sell their works really beneficial, while millions of customers around the world in search of really interesting art pieces.

When you join ARTEX GALLERY – you get the brand new art marketplace with help, support and service for free independent artists around the world.

Are you the artist?

Here is the reasons, why you should did it right now:

  • Reach a global audience of art lovers around the world.
  • Take control of your creativity. Now we will realize the sale by your pricing.
  • Secure, fast and fair payments. Protection of a deal. Help with shipping.
  • Dedicated support. Usefull tools to help you sell your artworks, including the price-formation.
  • Marketing and promotion to making you famous.
  • Auction selling to get best price.
Application process

Fill out application form. Just few steps:

  • Sign your name, specify the means of communication and contacts (mail, phone). They will be needed for further communication with you.
  • What’ inspire you? Some details, as possible about things, that is forming your art!
  • Also would be better to to include links to any existing online presence you have including your website and social media.
  • Attach an example of your artwork. It should be JPG or PNG file, max 3 Mb and minimum 1200 pixels by biggest side. Provide high quality images – we want to see your art in its best light. Also, you can send a link to your artwork in social media or other source.
  • Tell us about your artwork. Name, style,  history of creation, pick the price.

We only accept original art, i.e. applications for original, handmade art pieces.
Limited editions and copies. All of it should be limited to a maximum of 150 exemplars, including the original artwork and prints. All of this products must be signed and numbered by the artist, with a certificate of authenticity.

NO reproductions or copies of original artworks of other artists. If you are unsure or have any questions about, if you doubt in your qualify, please visit our seller support documentation.

Join us today!

    What's next?

    After receiving your form, our curators will discuss about your artwork. Usually it is 1-5 days.

    If approved, we will contact you on these contacts and to discuss further conditions.

    To get more information about Selling on ARTEX GALLERY and how you can improve your chances of being approved visit our seller support documentation.

    Note. Our gallery reserves the right to accept or reject applications at our own discretion. We regret that we cannot respond to individual queries regarding declined applications.

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