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How to buy the artwork?

Buy product in our gallery is easy!

1. Choose your favorite artwork by Category, Style, Subject or Medium.
2. Add to the cart.
3. Go to the registration confirmation and payment.
4. Fill in the delivery address and pay purchase.
5. Expect delivery.

If you already have an account with us, the purchase process will be easier and faster!

How to "Request a quote" or send "OBO"?

First of all, it means “Request Price” and “or best offer”.
Such markings we put on a particularly valuable product designed for fine art lovers and collectors.
In some ways it is “closed auction” no final date.
You can ask for the price, adding items to the cart or send us an email with your offer price using the subject name of the product or artkul (SKU).
If your proposal will help or satisfy the seller – you get confirmed. Then we proceed to discuss the process of delivery and payment method.

What method of delivery do you offer?

We usually working  with EMS and DHL.

How to start selling on ARTEX GALLERY?

Starting work with us may be just a few steps.

1. In the section for artists you fill out a request and attach an image file of your artwork.
2. After receiving the request, our curators see it and contact you to discuss the details.
3. You provide the pictures and descriptions of your products.
4. Your works are placed in our gallery.
5. Our sales team begins to promote and offer your artwork.

I want to sell my artwork. I need to send them to you?

Not exactly.
For accommodation we have your artwork, we need only the description and digital photos.
Physically, the product will be in you.
After payment of the buyer we will agree with you the most convenient form of delivery and you will realize sending.

Do you sell copies or prints of artworks?

Yes, we sell a limited number of copies and prints.
It is always a limited series. The ability to make copies or prints to be agreed with the author of the work placement stage.
Each copy of the picture is made directly by the author. As a rule, the number of copies no more than 15. On each copy marked “copy”, written by the hand of the author.
The number of prints is limited not more than 99. Each print has a certificate of authenticity signed by the author.
You can be sure of the quality and uniqueness of acquired art pieces.

How many offers can I submit to different artists?

You are allowed to submit how many that you like offers to artists, by please only make offers on works that you are willing to immediately purchase at your offer price.

All of the artworks include artist signature?

No. Not every work of art can contain the signature of the artist.
The artist could not sign his painting for various reasons.
Usually it happens with older or rarity works when the author was not able to make a signature by the different cases.
The authenticity of the product in this case is guaranteed by our experts.
Contemporary works are now in the majority of cases, signed by the author.

What is meant a certificate of authenticity?

The Certificate of Authenticity is a signed document certifying the authenticity of the work and contains information about the artwork for reference collector. If the work is acquired from collectors or in gallery, this document should be on the inside of the box next to your artwork. Certificate of authenticity can be provided directly by the author or a gallery.

Why I cannot add my artworks by myself?

This is an internal policy of our gallery.
We do not place all of the work. Each painting, drawing or photograph selected by our curators passes to give customers only the best proposals.

I know what I like, but i can't select. Can you help me?

Yes sure!
You can send us a letter describing your tastes and preferences, we have chosen for you the most suitably art piece.
You’ll be the first to know about new jobs that best suit your desires.

Didn’t find the answer?

Send us a message and ask your question.
We are promise that we will answer and help with your question in the near time.

    What is the ARTEX GALLERY?
    Exhibition of Artworks. Gallery in the town library.
    Exhibition of artworks. Gallery in the town library.
    Exhibition of artworks. Town Gallery.

    Artex Gallery is the new online art gallery.
    Our mission – helping people all over the world connect with art and artists they love.
    We offer an unparalleled selection of paintings, drawings, digital art, sculpture, photography and more with different styles, techniques, subjects in a wide range of prices.
    We design a new place for buy and sell the art worldwide.
    Established few years ago, now we connect artists and collectors from around the world.

    ARTEX GALLERY made buying paintings online simple than ever!
    Now, when you buy an original painting with us, you should know that you will be receiving a unique artwork. We cooperate directly with the artists or collectors. One more thing, you’ll know that you contribute and support growth of art all in all, and an artist – in particular, enabling them to further their craft.

    Soon you’ll see thousands of paintings available for sale in different genres.
    We can offer for sale original abstract, impressionistic, realistic paintings, fine-art, pop-art paintings, drawings, graphics, fine-art photography and more. With the ARTEX GALLERY you can pick oil, acrylic paintings, amazing watercolors or mixed media art pieces. Find, discover and buy selected by our curators: abstract, nude, landscape, geometry paintings for home, office or country residence.
    Your choise now is really limitless.
    Enjoy the original art!

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