Motherhood. Painting by Anna Turina. Limited Copy.


Anna Turina. Russia, 2017.

Copy 3 of 10. Acrylic on canvas.
Size 50 W x 60 H x 1 cm. Unframed.
20 W x 24 H x 0.3 in

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Painting: Acrylic on canvas-board. Contemporary artwork in style of innocent (naive). See artist bio for more info.

Limited copy 3 of 10. Prints are not available. Signed by the artist on front. This artwork is never been framed.

Acrylic on canvas. This piece is going to be shipped inside the box. Frame is not included.

  • Hand Signed: Front.
  • Condition: Brand new!
  • Date: 2017.
  • Provenance: Primary market. This artwork is sold directly by the author.
  • Certificate of Authenticity: ARTEX GALLERY.

This painting is a part of famous “Make the pregnant” series.

The artist tells a story.
Some people think that I have drawn – come true. It very responsible to confes of it, but often actually comes true.
I do not know how it turns out, byt all I can to do is just love those who draw.
All I can to do is wish them that what they had asked. In the end, to wish all of the best to those who have already fallen in love, it is not difficult.
Or maybe the whole thing is that I’m happy and inspired doing my job.

This story can be a magic.

Once there was a girl. Her eyes shone. Sincere smile and bright. But the child was not there. They waited and called him for years. But he was in no hurry.
And then she asked me to draw a picture for her. Sunny, bright, and its image on the pregnant belly and happy eyes.
And he said to me in detail what should be on a picture of her.
I turned on the mantra for pregnant and sat down to draw. And so I’m immersed in the work that she began to feel pregnant. And I just say out loud: “It’s not for me mantra I’m not pregnant … This is a picture”. Work went very bright, full of light and joy.
This girl lives in another city and, therefore, took a picture, and not just 3-4 weeks. And now they have taken in together: husband and little baby inside girl.
She said that the baby arrived just when the image had listen the mantra.

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Anna Turina